The Greatest Pigeon Race in the World!



Welcome to the Eighth Sun City Million Dollar Pigeon Race, with a new name, a new face, but the same commitment to host an unrivalled event that gives each and every entrant the fairest possible chance to be the world's best!

With a record entry this year entrants can look forward to many new and exciting developments.

Loft ModificationsAfter consultation with pigeon fanciers around the world, it was decided earlier this year to make extensive modifications to the Loft Complex at Sun City. The lofts have been increased in size to now cover a total of 550mē of floor space, while the number of perches increased to over 4400. This will ensure there is no overcrowding of the lofts.

The entrances to the lofts have also been moved from the ground to the roofs as well as other modifications to the trapping system.

At the moment the Administration staff are busy processing all the birds received into the lofts. Loft numbers are assigned as the birds are entered into the computer, however bird names, if not specified by the breeder, are only assigned once the bird has received an electronic ring.

Once all the birds are processed and allocated electronic rings have been assigned, entrants will receive a letter showing all the information we have on our records for that particular entrant. Please ensure that the information we have on record it correct as this will avoid any delays in communication in future.

At this point entrants will be given their allocated loft numbers and bird names for the corresponding  birds. Entrants are encouraged to please keep this information safe as from this point on, we only refer to the allocated loft numbers as the identity of the birds. Entrants will also be given a three day period after receiving this letter to change any of the allocated bird names should they wish, however names are allocated on a first come, first served basis.

The first complete list of birds in the loft will be published towards the mid October, with the first training flight results being published from the end of October

May we take this opportunity to wish all entrants the best of luck and a successful Sun City Million Dollar Pigeon Race - The Greatest Pigeon Race in the World!